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  • Mon 25/05/2020 22:31 Kinh t? Vi?t Nam Báo c?ng th??ng
    oil and gas group weathers dual epidemic and oil price crisis

    Oil and gas group weathers dual epidemic and oil price crisis

    13:00 | 25/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN)-?Despite difficulties and challenges, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) has taken advantage of new opportunities for effective prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic while maintaining production and business and prepare for new development stages.
    made in vietnam hand sanitiser shipped overseas

    Made-in-Vietnam hand sanitiser shipped overseas

    10:00 | 22/05/2020 Trade

    Some 4 million bottles of Made-in-Vietnam DrOH hand sanitiser have so far been exported to Europe, the US, and Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    long term price crisis brewing for vietnam coffee industry Long-term price crisis brewing for Vietnam coffee industry

    06:00 | 20/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN) - The coffee industry was expected to prosper in 2020, but coffee prices have plummeted to their lowest level over a decade due to the Covid-19 pandemic and show no signs of recovery in the foreseeable future.
    coronavirus benefits computer electronics businesses Coronavirus benefits computer, electronics businesses

    06:00 | 16/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN)-?Quarantines, isolation, online school and university learning and increased teleworking, all prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, have been a boon for Vietnam’s computer and electronics market.
    agro forestry fishery sector seeks new export opportunities Agro-forestry-fishery sector seeks new export opportunities

    06:00 | 15/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN) -?The Covid-19 pandemic is a major upheaval, but also an opportunity for the agro-forestry-fishery sector to diversify export markets, avoiding dependence on traditional markets.
    vietnams effort to lower pork prices hogtied by distributors consumers Vietnam’s effort to lower pork prices hogtied by distributors, consumers

    06:00 | 14/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN)- The price of pork products has soared due to shortage of domestic supply, while imported pork has not been widely accessible to consumers due to poor distribution and consumer habits.
    vadfco fertilizer products nutritious for plants and soil VADFCO fertilizer products nutritious for plants and soil

    13:00 | 11/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN)-??Products of the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) are not only good for plants but are also environment and user-friendly.
    petrovietnam hard hit by pandemic world oil prices but keeps up operations PetroVietnam hard hit by pandemic, world oil prices, but keeps up operations

    09:00 | 11/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN) -?The Covid-19 pandemic is severely affecting different industries in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general. The Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam or PVN), a leading state-owned corporation is suffering severely from the pandemic as well as the sharp global decline in oil prices.
    vietnamese exports to us eu hit hard by pandemic Vietnamese exports to US, EU hit hard by pandemic

    06:00 | 10/05/2020 Trade

    (VEN) -?The Covid-19 pandemic has posed difficulties for Vietnam’s exports to the US and the EU.
    vietnam proposes solutions to japan for export of lychee Vietnam proposes solutions to Japan for export of lychee

    13:41 | 08/05/2020 Trade

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has proposed Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) to consider special and creative solutions solving difficulties for Vietnam’s export of fresh lychees to Japan.
    seafood export value down 10 percent in first four months Seafood export value down 10 percent in first four months

    09:50 | 06/05/2020 Trade

    Vietnam’s total seafood export value in the first fourth months of this year fell by 10% to US$2.18 billion due to the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, according to the Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
    vietnams exports surge 47 percent in four months Vietnam’s exports surge 4.7 percent in four months

    14:50 | 04/05/2020 Trade

    Vietnam's export value saw a year-on-year increase of 4.7 percent to an estimated 82.9 billion USD in the first four months of this year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).
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