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  • Mon 25/05/2020 15:33 Kinh t? Vi?t Nam Báo c?ng th??ng
    vinsmart phones capture growing market share

    VinSmart phones capture growing market share

    06:00 | 19/05/2020 Science - Technology

    (VEN) -?The Vsmart phone has surged ahead in recent months to reach third place in terms of domestic market share, reflecting its potential to dominate the market of made-in-Vietnam smartphones.
    vietnam mulls how to break the plastic bag habit

    Vietnam mulls how to break the plastic bag habit

    13:00 | 15/05/2020 Environmental Resources

    (VEN) -?Vietnam has taken determined measures to limit the use of plastic bags, but the well-known saying that bad habits are hard to break certainly applies to such a convenient and ubiquitous habit.
    the eu and france join hands to support vietnams resilience and management of water and natural resources The EU and France join hands to support Vietnam’s resilience and management of water and natural resources

    11:04 | 14/05/2020 Science - Technology

    The European Union (EU) to Vietnam and the French Development Agency (AFD) in Vietnam, signed an agreement to strengthen their joint cooperation for increasing resilience to climate change and natural hazards in Vietnam, while at the same time trying to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    policies needed to boost science technology and innovation Policies needed to boost science, technology and innovation

    13:00 | 13/05/2020 Science - Technology

    (VEN) -?Science, technology and innovation are key to the competitiveness and development speed of any nation, especially in developing countries.
    mekong delta provinces adapt to drought saltwater intrusion Mekong Delta provinces adapt to drought, saltwater intrusion

    06:00 | 08/05/2020 Environmental Resources

    (VEN) -?Though saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta was predicted to come earlier and with a higher level of salinity than was recorded in the 2015-2016 dry season, the damage to farming is expected to be less serious as authorities and farmers have taken measures to cope with the situation in the 2019-2020 dry season.
    vietnam struggles to limit plastic waste curb use of plastic bags Vietnam struggles to limit plastic waste, curb use of plastic bags

    06:00 | 08/05/2020 Environmental Resources

    (VEN) -?Vietnam aims to replace all plastic bags currently in use by environmentally friendly plastic bags at commercial centers and supermarkets by 2025.
    vietnamese firms fall short on standardization Vietnamese firms fall short on standardization

    13:00 | 06/05/2020 Science - Technology

    (VEN) -?Having an appropriate standardization strategy and meeting international standards is important for businesses to improve quality and competitiveness, and successfully integrate into international markets. However, a large number of Vietnamese enterprises are still unaware of the importance of standardization and/or unable to apply it.
    made in vietnam robots on front lines of covid 19 battle Made-in-Vietnam robots on front lines of Covid-19 battle

    06:00 | 05/05/2020 Science - Technology

    (VEN) -?Robots can replace humans in high-risk environments in carrying out certain tasks, such as delivering medicines and food, collecting garbage, and spraying disinfectants. That was the guiding principle adopted by Vietnamese scientists mobilized for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
    vietnam forges ahead with intl sci tech cooperation Vietnam forges ahead with int’l sci-tech cooperation

    06:00 | 22/04/2020 Science - Technology

    (VEN) -?International cooperation on science and technology (sci-tech) is a vital element in Vietnam’s foreign economic relations, which not only attracts foreign resources and technologies, but also improves the domestic sci-tech level.
    vietnamese scientists make environmentally safe bags from plastic waste Vietnamese scientists make environmentally safe bags from plastic waste

    09:38 | 15/04/2020 Environmental Resources

    (VEN) -?The Institute of Chemistry under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has produced an environmentally friendly nylon bag that uses additives to disintegrate the plastic waste.
    consumers confused by biodegradable plastic labels Consumers confused by ‘biodegradable’ plastic labels

    16:20 | 08/04/2020 Environmental Resources

    (VEN) -?There are many kinds of plastic bags advertised as self-destructing or biodegradable, but consumers have to read the labels and list of input materials to distinguish between those harmful to the environment and human health and those that are safe.
    fortinet introduces self learning artificial intelligence appliance Fortinet Introduces Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence Appliance

    17:26 | 07/04/2020 Information Technology

    Fortinet?, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced FortiAI?, a first-of-its-kind on-premises appliance that leverages self-learning Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to speed threat remediation and handle time consuming, manual security analyst tasks.? ?
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