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  • Wed 27/05/2020 19:23 Kinh t? Vi?t Nam Báo c?ng th??ng
    targeting rural industry modernization

    Targeting rural industry modernization

    13:00 | 12/05/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?The central coastal city of Da Nang is gradually modernizing its rural industry by encouraging and prioritizing funding to upgrade production facilities.
    ninh binh province investment boosts rural industrial production

    Ninh Binh Province Investment boosts rural industrial production

    13:00 | 26/04/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN)-?Ninh Binh Province has contributed to modernization of its rural industrial production by investing capital in supporting innovation and application of advanced machinery and equipment.?
    bac giang spurs industry promotion Bac Giang spurs industry promotion

    06:00 | 13/04/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN)-?A significant increase in funding is boosting the industry promotion activities in the northeastern province of Bac Giang.
    binh thuan province industry promotion boosts production business efficiency Binh Thuan Province: Industry promotion boosts production, business efficiency

    08:45 | 30/03/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) - Industry promotion activities in Binh Thuan Province are proving effective in helping local enterprises expand production, invest in advanced equipment and technologies and improve product quality, meeting consumer tastes and demand. ?
    hanoi presents ambitious plan for modern industrial clusters Hanoi presents ambitious plan for modern industrial clusters

    08:54 | 02/03/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?The establishment and development of industrial clusters (ICs) in Hanoi have contributed significantly to the growth of the capital’s industrial and service sectors. Hanoi’s IC development master plan for 2020 with a vision to 2030 is expected to provide 159 ICs and to attain the city’s socioeconomic development targets.
    from wood processing to noodles phu tho boosts rural industry From wood processing to noodles: Phu Tho boosts rural industry

    14:27 | 26/02/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?The enhancement of industry promotion activities in the northern province of Phu Tho has contributed to creating jobs and improving workers’ lives. Particularly, it has supported local business in developing rural industries and crafts.?
    bac giang industry promotion spurs product innovation quality Bac Giang industry promotion spurs product innovation, quality

    08:54 | 24/02/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?The Trade and Industry Promotion Center of Bac Giang Province completed all its assigned plans for 2019, helping local enterprises acquire equipment, innovate technologies and develop brands. This year it continues its efforts to improve production and business efficiency in the northeastern province.?
    threading together sustainable development of traditional embroidery Threading together sustainable development of traditional embroidery

    09:28 | 13/01/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?Thang Loi Commune in Hanoi’s Thuong Tin District, about 20 kilometers south of central Hanoi, is well-known for its centuries-old traditional hand-embroidered crafts. The colorful and vivid artwork produced in the commune showcases Vietnamese wildlife, scenery and tradition. Embroidery producers in the commune are seeking to conquer domestic and foreign markets and develop the industry on a sustainable basis.
    dai bai bronze casting village boosts mechanization Dai Bai bronze casting village boosts mechanization

    09:18 | 01/01/2020 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?Dai Bai Village in Bac Ninh Province is well known as the cradle of Vietnam’s ancient bronze casting tradition. Previously, local production establishments only made household articles such as pans, basins, food trays, and pots, but now skilled craftsmen are also making objects for worship such as incense burners, urns, bronze statues, flower pots, and more. According to artisan Nguyen Tan Dich, “It takes many phases to produce a complete product, which requires years of practice and innate skills and attention to detail.”
    nghe an province promotes rural industrial products Nghe An Province promotes rural industrial products

    08:48 | 16/12/2019 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?Poor production technology, product quality and packaging prevent notable rural industrial products of the northern central province of Nghe An from reaching more buyers. However, that it not the only problem they face.
    bac giang needs more open policies to develop industrial clusters Bac Giang needs more open policies to develop industrial clusters

    09:00 | 04/12/2019 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?Industrial clusters (ICs) play an important role in the sustainable industrial development of Bac Giang Province. However, progress of these clusters depends on open management and development mechanisms.
    thanh hoa effectively implements industry promotion projects Thanh Hoa effectively implements industry promotion projects

    10:43 | 20/11/2019 Local Industry

    (VEN) -?In recent years, industry promotion activities in Thanh Hoa Province have played an important role in the development of the provincial industrial sector and handicrafts sector.
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