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  • Sat 23/05/2020 23:58 Kinh t? Vi?t Nam Báo c?ng th??ng
    the art of casting bronze in van diem village

    The art of casting bronze in Van Diem Village

    13:00 | 01/05/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?Van Diem bronze casting village in Y Yen District of the northern province of Nam Dinh has been casting bronze for more than 900 years. These days, some 200 casting enterprises operate there, employing thousands of residents.
    giang cao pottery village

    Giang Cao Pottery Village

    06:00 | 20/04/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?Giang Cao and Bat Trang villages make up the famous Bat Trang Commune in Hanoi’s Gia Lam District, one of the biggest pottery and ceramic production centers in Vietnam, about 10km from downtown Hanoi.?
    hcm city museum of history offers more than 40000 artifacts HCM City Museum of History offers more than 40,000 artifacts

    14:24 | 03/04/2020 Culture & Art

    The Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History is located at Nguyen Binh Khiem street in District 1, set beside Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which were built by the French colonialists.
    pm okays submission of dong ho folk paintings dossier to unesco PM okays submission of Dong Ho folk paintings dossier to UNESCO

    19:19 | 01/04/2020 Culture & Art

    Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has agreed with the submission of a dossier on Dong Ho folk paintings to UNESCO to include the art in the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding.
    elephant race festival in the central highlands Elephant Race Festival in the Central Highlands

    13:08 | 28/03/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Elephant Race Festival takes place biennially in March in Don Village in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.
    100 year old buu son pagoda rests on one pillar 100-year-old Buu Son Pagoda rests on one pillar

    15:34 | 19/03/2020 Culture & Art

    The 100-year-old Buu Son Pagoda in southern Dong Nai province, built in the 18th century, rests on only one pillar.
    swim festival on the lo river Swim Festival on the Lo River

    10:38 | 15/03/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Swim Festival on the Lo River, held annually in the third lunar month in the northern mountainous province of Phu Tho includes rites featuring the training of Vietnamese naval forces and their sporting spirit in fighting against the nation’s enemies since the Hung Kings Dynasty.
    giay people drum their way to prosperity Giay people drum their way to prosperity

    14:47 | 05/03/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Giay ethnic people celebrate the Lunar New Year with a drum dancing festival to pray for a prosperous and happy New Year. The festival is held in the early morning hours of the first day of the Lunar New Year in Tat Nga Commune in Meo Vac District of the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.
    pottery village enriches vietnamese culture Pottery village enriches Vietnamese culture

    14:05 | 26/02/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Bat Trang Pottery Village in Hanoi’s Gia Lam District dates back 700 years but is only about a 20-30 minute car or motorbike ride from central Hanoi, attracting Vietnamese buyers, exporters and foreign visitors with its huge variety of ceramics and pottery products.
    honoring ancient mandarins in lang son city Honoring ancient mandarins in Lang Son City

    15:50 | 20/02/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Ky Cung-Ta Phu Festival, the biggest annual ritual event in the northeastern city of Lang Son, aims to honor and commemorate the spirit of the Mother Goddess and of ancient mandarins who contributed to the building of the area in ancient times.
    dance of the dragons Dance of the dragons

    09:55 | 14/02/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The colorful and exciting unicorn/lion/dragon dance, a traditional Vietnamese custom, is usually performed on festivals and major occasions, particularly during Tet (the Lunar New Year holiday).
    the mysterious fire dance of the pa then people The mysterious fire dance of the Pa Then people

    12:35 | 09/02/2020 Culture & Art

    (VEN) -?The Pa Then people are perhaps one of Vietnam’s smallest ethnic minorities but their mysterious ritual fire dance resonates far beyond their communities in the northeastern provinces of Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang.
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